Project Materials

Curricular Materials Developed With Consortium Grants

Many of the grants made by the Consortium have resulted in the publication or distribution of new or revised materials to the relevant language field. It was never the intention of - and it would make little sense for - the Consortium to compete with major publishing houses or to enter the largest markets in foreign language instruction (i.e., French, German, Spanish, etc.). Instead, the goal, from the beginning, was to provide resources precisely where resources had not been routinely available.

What follows is a partial list by language of materials available for distribution occasionally through traditional commercial houses, often through university presses, often through professional associations, and sometimes through university offices. Such a list, however, should not obscure the importance of (1) ephemera, materials that are intended only for short-term use (e.g., annotations of a television news broadcast or of a topical newspaper article) and (2) materials that are intended for solely for local use. Short-lived and local materials are extremely important to language programs for a variety of reasons: apart from honing materials for specific classes and specific groups of students, teachers enjoy increased "ownership" in the development of their program.

Title Format Publisher
Electronic Al-Arabiyya CD-ROM Consortium
Egyptian Arabic Gestures CD-ROM Consortium
Multimedia Arabic CD-ROM under development
Egyptian Arabic textbook under consideration
Elementary Levantine Arabic textbook Yale University Press
Intermediate Levantine Arabic textbook Yale University Press
Hanzi Assistant CD-ROM Panda Publications
Multimedia Chinese Character Tutor CD-ROM Far East Asian Publications
Chinese Multimedia Reader diskettes Panda Publications
Chinese Proverbs text & sound Dartmouth Web site
Chinese Primer audiotapes Princeton University Press
Chinese Primer videotapes Princeton University Press
Intermediate Chinese    
Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese textbook Princeton University Press
Helen and David Go To China textbook Cheng & Tsui
A Chinese Text for a Changing China textbook Cheng & Tsui
College Chinese textbook Harvard East Asian Council
Chinese false beginners version textbook Harvard East Asian Council
Third-Year Reader print under consideration
Anthology of Chinese Short Stories print Far East Asian Publications
A la rencontre de Philippe videodisc Yale University Press
Dans un Quartier de Paris videodisc Yale University Press
Dialogues videodisc Holt Reinhart
Mundraub videodisc Stanford Language Laboratory
Faust (multimedia) diskettes Panda Publications
Drills for Classical Greek diskettes Dartmouth Humanities Resources
Modern Greek print University Presses of New England
Indonesian Audiocassettes audiotapes Cornell Language Laboratory
L'Italiano con l'opera print Yale University Press
Ecco Italia print Consortium
Star Festival CD-ROM Botticelli Publications
Passive/Causative Constructions videotapes Tokyo Sosheki Company
Communicating in Japanese print Sotokusha Publishing
Communicating in Japanese audiocassettes Chicago Language Laboratory
Elementary Japanese print under consideration
Intermediate Japanese print under consideration
Commentary on Livy print Bryn Mawr Classical Texts
Elementary Trilingual Quechua Text print Cornell Latin American Studies
IntermediateTrilingual Quechua Text print Cornell Latin American Studies
Beginning Russian audiocassettes Cornell Language Laboratory
Beginning Russian exercises CD-ROM Cornell Language Laboratory
Cornell Russian Support System diskette Cornell Language Laboratory
Annotated Bibliography of Linguistics for Teachers of Russian print Consortium
Word Nest Generator diskettes Lexicon Bridge
Literature of Glasnost print Consortium
Word Nest Generator Teacher's Manual print Consortium
A Russian-English Collocational print Slavica Publishers
Dictionary of the Human Body    
A Russian-English Collocational Dictionary of the Human Body Web site
Just Another Week by Baranskaya print & diskette Lexicon Bridge
Twelve Stories by Zoshchenko print & diskette Lexicon Bridge
Live from Moscow (Vremia) videotape & textbook Consortium
Computer-Assisted Exercises for Intermediate Russian diskettes Consortium
Unrehearsed Russian interviews videotapes Lexicon Bridge
Beginning Russian Through Film Web site Cornell
Elementary and Intermediate Urdu textbooks Chicago South Asian Studies
Elementary and Intermediate Bengali textbooks Chicago South Asian Studies
Beginning Sinhala textbook Cornell South Asian Council
Oral Proficiency Situation Cards print Vijay Gambhir, Penn
Hindi Reader (revision) print Penn South Asian Studies
Third-Year Hindi Reader print Penn South Asian Studies
The Teaching and Acquisition of print University of Pennsylvania South Asian Languages Press
Learning Devanagari Script videotape Penn South Asian Studies
Learning Devanagari Script Web site Penn
Paradoja CD-ROM under consideration
Multimedia Elementary Swahili CD-ROM & print under development
Advanced Swahili videotapes & print under consideration
Swahili-English Dictionary print & CD-ROM under development
Elementary and Intermediate Turkish print Harvard Middle Eastern Studies
Elementary and Intermediate Turkish audiocassettes Chicago Language Laboratory
Reader for Classical and Modern Ottoman print under development
Proficiency Guidelines for Turkish print Amer. Assoc. of Teachers of Turkish
Intermediate/Advanced Dialogues print Penn Middle Eastern Studies
Elementary and Intermediate Ukrainian textbook Russian Ukrainian Institute
Elementary Vietnamese textbook under consideration
Yidish af Yidish textbook Yale University Press
Elementary & Intermediate Textbook print & diskettes under development
Foreign Language Acquisition Research and the Classroom print Heinle & Heinle
Text and Context print Heinle & Heinle
Language and Content print Heinle & Heinle
Governance Proceedings print Consortium
Language and Liberal Education print Consortium
Teaching Poetry videotape National Textbook Company
Teacher Training videotape National Textbook Company
SuperMacLang application Panda Publications
annotext application Panda Publications
dh-Glossary application Panda Publications
25 teacher training videos videotape Penn ESL Program
Foreign Language Software Guide Web site Dartmouth