The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning was established to enhance the quality of language teaching and learning on its member campuses, to consolidate and build upon the strengths of the members' programs, to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for future careers in international scholarship, business, and diplomacy, and to reaffirm and demonstrate the central importance of the study of foreign languages.

The Consortium provides services to language faculty by organizing conferences, workshops, websites, and other means of communication among language professionals at the member institutions; by encouraging the professional development of current and future language faculty; by developing and promoting best practice standards in such areas as the use of technology and distance learning; by enhancing the professional standing of language faculty within their institutions and in the professoriat at large; by creating links, where appropriate, with other language-related organizations and consortia; and by facilitating collaboration among faculty at member institutions in organizing and financing project initiatives and funding proposals.

The activities of the Consortium embrace a wide range of methodologies and demonstrate a full commitment to intellectually sound and culturally authentic notions of communication. In addition to grants to member institutions for the support of curricular materials, faculty development programs, and the adoption of educational technology, the Consortium seeks to provide assistance to other colleges, universities, and educational organizations through publication of its materials, by responding to requests for information on policies, practices, and activities, by invitations to workshops, and by opening conferences to a national audience.